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Hello, my name is Des. I am a freelance audio engineer born and raised in South Africa but currently based in the United Kingdom.   

I embarked on my sonic journey at 5 years old through learning to play the piano and I've had a life-long love affair with sound, music and the art of audio production ever since. 

After completing my initial studies in Audio Engineering, I entered the industry though music and radio production but soon realised that my attention to detail and creativity were highly sought after traits in the audio post production world. I became proficient in audio editing and sound design and have worked predominantly as an independent sound effects editor and sound designer since.

My dedicated work ethic, coupled with my enthusiasm and passion for sound, has led me to work on multiple international and local feature films, television shows and broadcast radio. Please have a listen to some of my work via the projects tab. 

For more information, rates and bookings, please email

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